Strategic Planning

Short and long term planning is more than a process with a logical outcome (a plan); it is also a tool for organizing resources while motivating and unifying teams. Plans are necessary to clarify how a mission is carried out and, by clearly communicating intentions, aid in garnering the necessary consensus and support to get there. Far too often a feasible plan exists in someone’s head but won’t come to fruition…and they aren’t sure why. A competently managed planning process will make the difference by unifying stakeholders and implementers to move forward in the same direction.

Transitions Unlimited offers a progressive planning process through which an organization builds commitment to priorities which are:

  1. Essential to its mission and
  2. Responsive to its operating environment.

A result-oriented process can be designed to meet your specific planning needs and budget. Full service or project-based services are available for the following types of planning:

  • strategic
  • operational
  • special projects
  • program, board or staffing growth
  • marketing and communications
  • development and fundraising
  • department